Christopher von Uckermann Releases Inspiring English Single “Heal Together”

Christopher von Uckermann is spreading a message of hope, healing and unity.

The 34-year-old Mexican singer, songwriter and actor, a former member of RBD, has released his new English-language single “Heal Together.”

Christopher von Uckermann

Produced by Juan Galeano (Diamante Eléctrico) and co-written by Christopher with Pére George, the English pop track sends an empowering message about mental health amid these challenging times.

Per von Uckermann’s statement, “Heal Together” aims to bring hope to humanity through the feeling that united we are more powerful.

“This song took me eight months from beginning to end, from the entire process until it was launched, because since becoming an independent singer it’s another rhythm, and the truth is that it was great getting the opportunity to work with two great friends, Pere George and Juan Galeano,” says von Uckermann. “And this song comes from a melody, from these meditations that I have been doing for a long time, it came to me as this sign of sharing these melodies with lyrics that help you connect, that is empowering and that reaches the soul, and that ends with a very powerful chorus, in addition to the song being born on the piano.”

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