David Bisbal Releases New Single “Ay, Ay, Ay”

David Bisbal isn’t afraid to release his emotions…

The 44-year-old Spanish singer-songwriter has released a new single entitled “Ay, ay, ay.

David BisbalThe track is an unexpected bachata song that features a touch of flamenco, and more unpredictable elements.

The passionate theme begins with some bohemian guitar chords, followed by a beat of castanets merging with the surprising appearance of electric guitar, as well as percussion, güira, and bongos.

Although delving into in a non-traditional genre for him, Bisbal maintains his signature energetic and soulful vocal performance throughout the song.

“Ay, ay, ay, I go to bed without your mouth/ And I think ay, ay, ay/ There is no kiss like what you give me/ And I can’t take it anymore if you’re not here/ If you’re not here, if you’re not here,” he sings in the chorus.

The video shows Bisbal walking through various streets of Los Angeles and a group of people dancing to the romantic bachata.

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