Foresight Unlimited Announces International Sales for Emily Tosta’s “Willy’s Wonderland”

Emily Tosta’s Wonderland is going global…

Foresight Unlimited has announced that international rights have been sold for the Nicolas Cage-led thriller Willy’s Wonderland (working title), co-starring the 22-year-old Dominican actress and Party of Five star.

Emily Tosta

Key sales for the film include the U.K., Canada, Australia, Italy, Germany and Latin America. 

Directed by Kevin Lewis, the film follows The Janitor (Cage), an out-of-towner, who is forced to clean a family entertainment center in exchange for having his car serviced after it breaks down. He, along with some locals, must then survive a hellish night trapped inside with the stars of the center – animatronic characters that have turned evil.

Beth GrantRic Reitz, and Chris Warner also star in the film, which was penned by G.O. Parsons.

The list of foreign territories includes; UK (Signature Entertainment), Germany & Benelux (Splendid), Latin America (CDC), CIS (Central Partnership), Canada (VVS), Australia (Madman), Italy (Eagle Pictures), Scandinavia (SF Studios), Middle East (Salim Ramia), Portugal (Nos Lusomundo), Poland (M2), Hong Kong (Pegasus), Taiwan (MovieCloud), Thailand (Sahamongkol), Philippines (Pioneer), Pan Asia Pay TV (Fox-Disney), Vietnam (Rapture Lions Entertainment), India & Singapore (Viswass), Bulgaria & Ex-Yugo (Fifth Element/Blitz), and Iceland (Myndform).

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