Greeicy to Star in the Netflix Series “Ritmo Salvaje”

Greeicy is returning to her acting roots…

The 29-year-old Colombian talent, who was first an actress before becoming a singer, has announced her participation in the upcoming Netflix series Ritmo Salvaje.

GreeicyGreeicy will portray Karina in the series co-directed by Simón Brand, Rafa Martínez and Andrés Beltrán.

The musical drama, which also stars Paulina Dávila, Martina la Peligrosa and Juan Manuel Guilera, among others, narrates the story of two dance groups who battle it out to see who’s the best in the game.

“Returning to this acting discipline was beautiful,” Greeicy expressed on Instagram. “It was a challenge that taught me a lot. It constantly tested me and as always, it left me with amazing memories.”

Ritmo Salvaje airs March 2 on Netflix.

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