Grupo Firme Teams Up with Pipe Bueno to Release Heartbreak Song “Entre Botellas”

Grupo Firme is bawling between bottles

The Regional Mexican band has joined voices with Pipe Bueno to create the ultimate heartbreak anthem, “Entre Botellas.”

Grupo FirmeThe unique vocals and fresh perspective of Pipe, along with the distinctive sound of Grupo Firme, reaffirms regional music’s ongoing success throughout the world, as “Entre Botellas” marks the debut collaboration between a Colombian artist and a renowned regional Mexican group.

The song was penned by Eduin Caz and Abraham Hernández of Grupo Firme and narrates the tale of two friends who are catching up over drinks.

As they discuss their recent love interests, they discover they have both fallen for the same woman.

The duo then reminisce about their lost love while drowning their sorrows with a few more bottles.

“Between bottles and already drunk, I don’t even remember that I love you and that I would like to be the owner of your kisses,” they sing in the chorus.

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