Henao to Star in Confluential Films’ “Destined”

Zulay Henao is destined for a new role…

The 35-year-old Colombian actress has been cast in Confluential Films’ Destined.

Zulay Henao

From director Qasim “Q” Basir, the film tracks the split destinies of young Rasheed Smith, who is tempted into the drug game and follows two divergent life paths: In one, he goes to prison and emerges the head of a criminal empire; in the other, he graduates from college only to wrestle with decisions as a climber at an architectural firm.

In addition to Henao, who recently starred in The Single Moms Club, the film also stars Jesse Metcalfe, Margot Bingham, Rob Riley, Jason Dohring, Mo McRae, Hill Harper and Lala Anthony. 

Henao’s other credits include White Space, Hostel: Part III and Havana Heat.

Filming is underway in Detroit.

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