Jencarlos Canela Releases First-Ever Mainstream Single “Water”

Jencarlos Canela is makin’ a splash…

The 32-year-old Cuban American singer/actor has released the new single “Water,” and it arrives just in time for summer.

Jencarlos Canela

Featuring sensual fusions of EDMAfrobeat and tropical rhythms bilingual song comes alive and mark’s Canela’s first-ever mainstream single. 

“I need your water, water, I’m swimming in your water, water,” he sings in the chantable hook that’s dedicated to the woman he’s crushing on.

“‘Water’ represents a form of pure love between two people. A love that’s shapeless, everlasting, and deeply connected,” he elaborates in an official statement. “Just like the water we need to survive; this song symbolizes everything that water means to us.”

Shot in Los Angeles, the homemade music video shows Cabela penning his lyrics and thoughts on the poolside as he daydreams about his song going viral and all his colleagues having fun in the water. Mario LopezPitbullSharleneGénesis Rodriguez and Alex Sensation, to name a few, make cameos as they get wet in the pool, on the beach, or even in the shower.

The single was created during a small quarantine gathering that included producers Pip Kembo ‘Dr. Chaii’ and Tido Nguyen, composers Soaky SirenAle AlbertiElijah Steen, and Mimi Knowles and mixing and mastering by Narek Ambar.

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