Jenna Ortega Stars in Doritos’ Dinamita Super Bowl Commercial

Jenna Ortega will be bringing the action, and her abuelas, to your television screen during this year’s Super Bowl.

The 21-year-old Mexican American actress and Wednesday star is appearing in DoritosSuper Bowl ad for the snack brand’s new rolled chip brand, Dinamita.

Jenna OrtegaOrtega appears alongside her fictional grandmothers, Dina and Mita, for a grocery store trip.

When the Scream actress walks to another aisle, a feud begins between Dina, Mita and another Doritos Dinamita fan played by Danny Ramirez.

The grandma-duo duke it out with the Top Gun: Maverick actor over the last chip bag — motorized scooters and all.

Ortega, oblivious to her grandmothers’ high-speed chase, calls out for them at the grocery store.

Dina and Mita karate chop and kick their opponent but still have grandmother-like tendencies, including taking a break from the action to coo at a baby. While fawning at the infant, Ramirez escapes in an elevator with the chips. But he can’t get away that easily. Dina and Mita create a makeshift zipline to knock him out and take back the snack.

“It’s not dynamite,” the ladies correct Ramirez. “It’s Dinamita.”

“Abuelas!” Ortega says, taking the chips out of Dina and Mita’s hands. “I’ve been looking everywhere for you.”

Doritos has been a part of Super Bowl commercial breaks for 24 years, according to a release, but this is both Ortega’s and Doritos Dinamita’s first-ever Super Bowl commercial. Ortega told PEOPLE filming the commercial was like “coming home.”

“For the first year of my career, I was only allowed to do commercials,” she explained. “And I did some big ones, but nothing to the level of this or to this extent. So it was like a weird nostalgic, ‘Wow, it’s been 12 years and then this is where I’m at now.'”

Ortega told PEOPLE that, in addition to loving the chip brand, her costars and commercial crew drew her into the project.

“You have Dina and Mita, two Latinas as the lead, and then we got to bring Danny Ramirez on board, who is another really wonderful Latino actor who’s doing so well right now,” she said, adding shout-outs to the director, cinematographer and the other film crew members. “I think that it is just a really, really wonderful celebration of Latin culture.”

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