Karol G Releases Bossy New Single “Bichota”

Karol G’s back with a bossy new single…

The 29-year-old Colombian singer-songwriter has released the new track “Bichota,” produced with longtime collaborator Ovy on the Drums.

Karol G

Following in the vein of “Tusa” and “Ay DiOs Mio,” Karol G seems to have found her stride with her own brand of languorous reggaetón music; sensual but not overtly sexual, empowering but also feminine.

“Bichota” is a step up from the pleasing but less assertive “Ay DiOs Mio,” both in lyrics and hooks.

From the title, which is often used as street slang referring to men, “Bichota” is less about “empowerment” in the traditional sense, than self-confidence and taking control.

“I feel like a bichota, they all want to break me but don’t know how,” she purrs in the opening, immediately catchy refrain.

Set to sparse keyboards, “Bichota” is successful by virtue of its simplicity. At a time when the word “empowerment” has been bandied around to support every video that features sexualized images of women, here’s one that celebrates body image and attitude without subverting to masculine needs or approval.

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