Lopez to Headline Her First Carnival in Rio de Janeiro

She recently demonstrated her capoeira skills in Uruguay while filming her new Latin talent show Q’Viva But Jennifer Lopez could shake her bon bon in Brazil next month.

The 42-year-old Puerto Rican multi-hyphenate will reportedly participate in the colorful samba school parades at the massive Sambadrome in Rio de Janeiro during the city’s Carnival celebrations, according to EFE.

Jennifer Lopez

It would the first Rio Carnival as the headliner of a group of celebrities, including Brazilian and foreign stars, for Lopez, who would be a guest of Brazilian beer company Brahma.

The nation’s top 13 top samba schools will parade through the Sambadrome on February 19 and 20.

In addition, JLo will reportedly star in a Carnival-themed advertising campaign that Brahma will start airing this week.

The brewing company didn’t say just how much Lopez was being paid to participate at Carnival, but the Brazilian press reported she could bank up to $2 million. Not a bad day for the American Idol judge!

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