Mariah Carey Hints at Possible Release of Her Alternative Rock Album “Someone’s Ugly Daughter,” Secretly Recorded in 1995

Mariah Carey may soon be offering an alternative to her usual hits…

The 53-year-old half-Venezuelan Grammy-winning singer, songwriter, actress and record producer has hinted at plans to release Someone’s Ugly Daughter, the alternative rock album she secretly recorded in 1995 under the pseudonym Chick.

Mariah CareySpeaking to the Rolling Stone Now podcast, Carey revealed that she recently came across the version of the album with her vocals in the forefront.

“The quest for that version is going great. We actually have it,” she said. “This was my outlet, and nobody knew about it. Most people, I’d rather they don’t even know about it until we decide exactly what happens from that quest of finding those vocals.”

Carey first confirmed the existence of the grunge-era studio set in her 2020 autobiography The Meaning of Mariah Carey. In it, she revealed that the recording, which was released through Epic Records, featured live vocals by a friend of hers named Clarissa Dane, who went on to record music videos for Chick tracks such as “Demented” and “Malibu” while Mariah sang background vocals.

The secret project was recorded in tandem with Carey’s fifth album, Daydream. 

“I would just write these things, say, ‘Can you play [vocalizing]?’ to the guitar player, who would happen to be there, while we’re working on records like ‘Always Be My Baby’ and ‘One Sweet Day,’ eventually ‘Fantasy,’ and whatever from that era,” she continued on the podcast.

At the time, Carey said, she actually wanted to release the album as it was.

“Whatever, let them discover it was me,” she said of her mindset. “But that idea was kind of stomped and squashed and whatever. Clarissa came in, and we wrote one of the songs together, and she got on the other records — one or two of the other songs.”

However, she’s now open to giving her album as Chick some sort of second life, telling the podcast, “I think this unearthed version will become something that, yes, we should hear. But also, I’m working on a version of something where there’ll be another artist working on this with me as well … Possibly something built around the album. I’m just full of surprises.”

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