Mauricio Bustamante Currently Filming the Feature “Twelve Hours” in New York

Mauricio Bustamante has Twelve Hours of work…

The 72-year-old Mexican actor is currently in New York filming writer-director Bandar Albuliwi’s sophomore feature Twelve Hours.

Mauricio Bustamante

Twelve Hours is a tale of an accidental encounter between two former lovers that rekindles feelings that have been laying dormant all these years,” says Albuliwi. “Shooting the movie on location during the COVID-19 pandemic in NYC while taking extreme precautions has proven to be both exhilarating and challenging at the same time. Many people have come up to us on the street and have told us how happy they were to see a film production shooting once again, stating that it reminds them of the good days prior to the pandemic hitting.”


The film also stars Adam Budron, newcomer Emma Eudes and Louis Anthony Arias.


Albuliwi produces with Budron and Faruk Ozerten.


Production is due to wrap next month.


Bustamante’s previous credits include Little Men, The Duck and Bestia de Cardo.


Arias’ previous credits include Uncut Gems.

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