Ramirez’s “Sofia the First” Premiering This Weekend

Sara Ramirez is getting ready to step out of her scrubs and step into a gown…

The Mexican/Irish-American actress/singer and Grey’s Anatomy star is lending her voice to the Disney Junior movie Sofia the First: Once Upon a Princess, a job she gladly accepted.

Sara Ramirez

“I grew up watching animation [and] this was kind of like a dream come true,” Ramirez told TVGuide.com.

The television movie centers on a young girl named Sofia (voiced by Modern Family‘s Ariel Winter) who suddenly becomes a princess when her mother Miranda (voiced by Ramirez) marries the king. Unlike most fairy tales that feature mean stepsisters and evil stepmothers, Sofia the First: Once Upon a Princess is all about learning how to fit in and being kind to others.

“What’s really behind it is that you can have all the material things in the world and can sit on a throne, but what really matters is being kind, compassionate, respectful and honest,” says Ramirez. “The king has two other kids from a previous relationship so there’s a blended family story, which I really love. And for once the stepmother is not an evil woman! She’s actually quite helpful and wants to empower her daughter to do good things and be a kind person in the world.”

Sofia the First premieres on Sunday, November 18 at 7:00 pm ET on the Disney Channel.

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