Regina Blandón Starring in Sony Pictures Television’s Spanish Adaptation of “Mad About You” in Mexico

It’s a mad world for Regina Blandón

The 33-year-old Mexican actress will star in Sony Pictures Television’s (SPT) Spanish adaptation of the U.S. hit ‘90s sitcom Mad About You in Mexico.

Regina Blandón,Production kicks off in June of Enloqueciendo Contigo with a notable cast led by Blandón and Memo Villegas.

The upcoming adaptation follows other local versions made in Chile, Argentina, the U.K. and even China.

“We are delighted to begin developing this adaptation of Mad About You, a series that has seen critical and commercial success worldwide,” said John Rossiter, EVP of Networks & Distribution, Latin America, SPT.

The original show followed newlyweds Jamie and Paul, played by Helen Hunt and Paul Reiser, as they navigated the challenges of life together.

Mad About You aired on NBC from 1992 to 1999, collecting a multitude of awards, including four Golden Globes and at least a dozen Primetime Emmys.

To be directed by Magaby García and Salvador Suárez, Enloqueciendo Contigo follows Jimena and Pablo, a couple with contrasting backgrounds and personalities, in their transition from whirlwind romance to marriage.

Set in a Mexico City apartment, they navigate the intricacies of cohabitation while facing the challenges of their careers, family dynamics, and the constant influence of friends. Infused with Mexican humor, the adaptation blends witty exchanges, fiery disputes and heartfelt reconciliations, SPT promises.

“I am excited to be part of this project, not only because of its importance in the history of television but also because of the opportunity to give life to one of the most endearing characters,” said Blandón, who plays Jimena.

Her multiple credits in stage, TV and film include La Familia P. Luche and Netflix series Historia de un Crimen: La Búsqueda.”

Mad About You is a series that touched the hearts of many people. I am very happy to be part of this new version, which, in addition to bringing things from our times, will allow the world to appreciate the romance between Pablo and Jimena,” said  Villegas, who plays Pablo.

Villegas has worked on such acclaimed projects as Netflix’s Narcos: Mexico and Cary Fukunaga’s Sin Nombre.

José Raúl Zuńiga, Paula Rendón and Salvador Suárez are penning the adaptation while David Barraza serves as content director and Yolanda Segura as literary editor.

Carlos Quintanilla Sakar oversees creative direction and executive production, supported by executive producers Alejandro García and Maria Fernanda Bateman.

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