Sandoval’s Mazzy Star Releasing New Music…

It’s been 15 years since Mazzy Star released music to the masses… But the highly influential alternative rock band—fronted by Mexican-American singer Hope Sandoval—is finally back with brand new music.

The band is returning with the digital tracks, “Common Burn”/”Lay Myself Down,” which will be released on Monday, October 31, according to Sandoval’s website, It’s the group’s first new music since 1996′s “Among My Swan.”

The tracks will be available as digital downloads on Amazon and be released later on vinyl.

Mazzy Star scored their biggest hit in 1994 with “Fade Into You” and released three full-length albums before going into an unofficial and indefinite hiatus.

Following Mazzy Star’s musical lull, the 45-year-old Sandoval—an East Los Angeles native who plays harmonica, percussions, guitar and the xylophone—released two solo albums with her backing band, the Warm Inventions.

And this may not be the last we hear from Mazzy Star… In 2009, Sandoval told Rolling Stone, “It’s true we’re still together. We’re almost finished [with the record]. But I have no idea what that means.”

Let’s hope the band doesn’t fade into the night for another 15 years!

Click here to preview “Common Burn” on Amazon.

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