Sharlene Releases Debut Album “Viaje”

Sharlene is hitting the road…

The Dominican singer has released her debut album Viaje.


Sharlene’s album is made up of songs that represent her culture, modern urban rhythms and her own personality. She knew how to give a balance to the lyrics making sure her songs were to the liking of a general audience. 

For the first time, the artist shows different vocal abilities. Sharlene can conquer with her sweet voice, but she surprises by rapping, as she does on “Aerofobia” or “Manuela” (with Farina and Tainy). Also, singing some lines in English, like on “San Pedro” (with Zion & Lennox). 

The 12-track album also includes collaborations with Nacho, Mariahand Fuego, among others.

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