Surf Mesa Releases New Single “Manzanita”

Surf Mesa is back with new music…

The 23-year-old Latino music producer born Powell Aguirre has teamed up with Norwegian singer/songwriter Elsa Søllesvik and Zurich-based producer Benji Alasu to release the new single “Manzanita” via Astralwerks.

Surf MesaSurf Mesa has come a long way from his viral TikTok days, trading the dreamy, pop-oriented mode of his breakout hit “ily (I love you baby), for a slinky, sophisticated textural dance floor vibe that marks some of his best work to date.

“’Manzanita’ is a track I’ve kept exclusively for the dance floor for a while,” says Surf Mesa. “The texture and atmosphere this song makes me envision a rainforest in the future. It resonates with me so much as I begin my next chapter of music.”

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