The Mavericks Release First-Ever Spanish Language Album, “En Español”

The Mavericks are switching tongues…

The Grammy-winning country band that blends Tex-Mex, neo-traditional country music, Latin and rockabilly influences has released its first-ever Spanish language album, En Español.

The Mavericks

The new album by The Mavericks, comprised of Raul Malo,Eddie PerezJerry Dale McFadden and Paul Deakin, sees original member and lead singer Melo embrace his Latin roots.

En Español features a collection of their own Spanish language originals, as well as classic Latin tracks from which they drew inspiration.

“Even if you’re not fluent in Spanish, the rhythms, phrasing, and melodies are universal,” says the band of the 12-track album. “[It’s] a vibrant, sit-up-and-take-notice album… with mighty musicianship to get you out of your seat.”

Here’s a look at the track list:

En Español

  1. La Sitiera – Writer: Rafael López González
  2. Recuerdos – Writers: Raul Malo, Alejandro Menéndez Vega
  3. No Vale La Pena – Writer: Alberto Aguilera Valadez
  4. Poder Vivir – Writers: Raul Malo, Alejandro Menéndez Vega
  5. Sombras Nada Maìs – Writers: José María Contursí, Francisco J. Lomuto
  6. Mujer – Writer: Raul Malo
  7. Me Olvideì De Vivir – Writers: Pierre Abel Billon, Julio Iglesias, Jacques Able Jules Revaud
  8. Pensando En Ti – Writers: Raul Malo, Cynthia Susana Medina
  9. Sabor A Miì – Writers: Alvaro Carrillo Alarcón
  10. Suspiro Azul – Writers: Raul Malo, Alejandro Menéndez Vega, Lisset Diaz Guevara, Miguel Comas
  11. Cuando Me Enamoro – Writers: Mario Panzeri, Daniele Pace, Roberto Livraghi
  12. Me Voy A Pinar Del Riìo – Writers: Néstor Manuel Pinelo Cruz

Additionally, The Mavericks are launching their first-ever pay-per-view web concert series, The Mavericks Show, in partnership with NUGS.TV, beginning on Saturday, August 22.

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