The Tragic Love Story of Free Divers Ferreras & Mestre Headed to the Big Screen?

The heartbreaking love story of Francisco Pipin Ferreras and his deceased wife Audrey Mestre may be headed to the big screen.

20th Century Fox has attached J. Michael Straczynski to write and Martin Campbell to direct The Dive, based on the true story of the 50-year-old Cuban professional free diver and his wife, a natural free diver herself, who passed away during a dive in 2002.

Francisco "Pipin" Ferreras & Audrey Mestre

Based on the novel by the same name, The Dive tells the story of Ferraras’ relationship with the French-born Mexican-national Mestre, whom he met in 1996 and married in 1999. The two became a regular record-breaking couple in the sport of free diving, dividing men and women’s records between them.On October 12, 2002 Mestre died during an attempt to break the no-limits free diving world record.

The film was originally a James Cameron-directing vehicle. From a submersible, Cameron filmed Ferraras as he conducted a tribute dive in memory of his late wife one year after her death, plunging to the depth that cost her life—171 meters.

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