ViX Releases First Trailer for William Levy-Starrer “Montecristo”

Count on William Levy to bring the heat in his next project…

ViX has releases the first official trailer for its original series Montecristo, starring the 42-year-old Cuban actor.

William LevyThe Spanish-language series will premiere on April 14, with the release of all 6 episodes on the streamer.

Based on the literary classic The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas, the series tells the story of Alejandro Montecristo (Levy), an enigmatic figure who bursts into the public eye and raises concerns amongst the world’s elite because the origin of his fortune and his past are unknown.

Montecristo is the founder and CEO of a new technology company that has incited the envy and interest of many, among those is Fernando Alvarez Mondego – a businessman connected to the Spanish aristocracy who wants to acquire the Montecristo startup. What Fernando doesn’t know is that Montecristo is someone he knew decades ago and the reason for his emergence is fueled purely by revenge.

“I have always loved this story and wanted to tell it,” Levy tells Deadline exclusively of the project. “I remember we began talking about it when I was working on the Fox series Star in Atlanta, about how to make this dream a reality. About three years later, it really started to come together. It’s different to the original because it’s a modern take, so I think viewers will be pleasantly surprised by our version.”

Levy’s version of The Count of Monte Cristo will still be full of drama, action, adventure from the original novel completed in 1844.

“I was worried for my character’s life,” he shared with a laugh while setting up the trailer. “The writers did such a great job coming up with this idea about a kid who grows up in Cuba where he has his family and his friends, and has fallen in love with a girl. When an opportunity arises to escape for a life in Miami, he goes for it and he finds riches beyond his dreams but it turns him into the villain of the story. He becomes consumed with getting revenge against anyone who has ever wronged him and finds himself playing a dangerous game.”

Levy also teases a juicy love story will be in the mix.

“There’s going to be a woman who enters his life that piques his interest. Even beyond that, he will get to the point where he puts everything on the line for her including his life,” Levy said. “Love is fragile; we may think it makes us strong but it can also be dangerous,” he added.

The series is produced by David Martinez, Ángela Agudo and David Cotarelo; Secuoya Studios and Sergio Pizzolante executive produce alongside Levy and his producing partner Jeff Goldberg.

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