Iglesias Releases Music Video for “I’m a Freak,” Featuring Pitbull

Enrique Iglesias isn’t afraid to get freak-y…

The 38-year-old Spanish singer has released the official music video for his latest single “I’m a Freak,” featuring Pitbull.

Enrique Iglesias I'm a Freak

Iglesias’ new eye-popping clip shows plenty of skin and booze, as well as a bar-raising level of twerking, all set to a relentless disco-pop beat and starring a few dozen of the Latin superstar’s scantily clad friends.

The 3:53-long clip features Iglesias getting freaky with partygoers and spending much of his time hunched over a woman on all fours.

“Yeah baby there you go, stealing my heart just like a criminal,” he sings. “No turning back cuz time is critical. Ya move your body like a miracle.”

Pitbull shares his verse-spitting screen time with a person in a bear suit and some friends doing beer pong, among other things.

“Baby you pop it and lock it, drop it I’ll watch it f’sho. Baby, you roll it and rock it move it now use it let’s go,” he raps. “You know I’ll lick it and do the things that make you explo-” yeah, we’ll just stop right there.

The “Freak” beat comes courtesy of The Cataracs (Robin Thicke, Selena Gomez).

“I’m a Freak” is the latest track off Iglesias’ upcoming “Sex+Love” album, due March 18 on Universal Music Group.

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