Lopez Gives Out of This World Performance of “Feel the Light” on “American Idol”

There’s no denying Jennifer Lopez is a Latin luminary… But during this week’s episode of American Idol, la Lopez lit up the screen in a whole new way.

The 45-year-old Puerto Rican singer/actress and American Idol judge took the stage to perform “Feel the Light,” her new single from the soundtrack to the animated movie Home. And Lopez didn’t disappoint, stealing the show with an epic performance and show-stopping gown.

Jennifer Lopez on American Idol

The “Booty” singer first appeared on stage in a large white dress, which consisted of fabric, 20 feet in diameter. As Lopez’s performance continues, the dress was used to project scenes from the movie, as well as some out of this world special effects.

As she stood there and belted out the song, everyone’s eyes were transfixed on the dress. Even JLo’s costume designer, Mariel Haenn, felt like it was something to remember.

“A lot of things made this dress special, particularly it’s an idea that we’ve had for a very long time that we were just waiting for the right time to execute it. The white dress on it’s own was an idea that Jennifer had for a performance, but then when we were working on the creatives for the Home music video, we talked about using the dress as a canvas to project stuff onto it, and incorporate the movie into her dress, which is something I’ve never seen before. It felt really special,” she told HollywoodLife.com.

“[Projection] is something that Jennifer has always wanted to do, and when she was working on this song and we were working on the creatives for the video, she thought that this was the perfect place for it all to happen,” she added.

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