Rosalía Releases New Edgy Reggaeton-Meets-Jazz Track “Saoko

Rosalía is livin’ on the edgy

The 28-year-old Spanish Grammy-winning singer and songwriter, who announced she’ll be releasing her upcoming album Motomami in March, has released her latest track “Saoko.”

Rosalia, SaokoRosalia’s experimental identity thrives in the edgy and irresistible reggaetón bop that’s unorthodoxly fused with improvised jazz.

The track also samples the 2004 anthem “Saoco” by Wisin and Daddy Yankee.

“Naming my next track ‘SAOKO’ and sampling Yankee and Wisin for me is the most direct homage I can make to classic reggaetón, a genre that I love and that has been a constant and great inspiration throughout the MOTOMAMI project,” Rosalia said in a statement.

The energetically-pumped video for the new track was directed by Valentin Petit, where Rosalía is as fierce as ever with an all-women biker gang in tow.

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