Rosalía Releases Catchy New Single “Chicken Teriyaki”

Rosalía is craving a little Chicken Teriyaki

The 28-year-old Spanish Grammy-winning singer and songwriter has released her latest single, “Chicken Teriyaki,” along with a dance-heavy video to accompany the track.

Rosalia ELLE Summer 2020In the visual, a red-haired Rosalía is joined by a studio full of her closest friends, dressed in black crop top with asymmetrical cutouts, pink shorts and sky-high lucite heels.

Before kicking off the choreography, she sneaks over to a large boom box, blasts the volume on the Latin trap song and singlehandedly commences the group’s dance session, which features sensual body rolls and splits.

Speaking with Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1 about the song, Rosalia said that she was “just really laughing while I was writing lyrics” and “having fun with it” while working on the track during a stay at New York City’s Mercer Hotel.

Chicken Teriyaki” serves as the third single from Rosalía’s forthcoming album, Motomami, following The Weeknd assisted “La Fama,” and “Saoko.”

She told Lowe that the latter was the final song recorded for the new body of work.

“‘SAOKO’ is the last song I made for the album. I think it’s when you really put the pieces together, you understand what you’re doing, you understand the palette, you understand the direction, you are clear about what you’re doing. And you’re freer too, because you have the rest of the pieces, so it gives you confidence,” she said, adding that she wanted a track that sounded both “red tone” and “jazz.”

Motomami is set to release on March 18 via Columbia Records.

Rosalía Releases New Edgy Reggaeton-Meets-Jazz Track “Saoko

Rosalía is livin’ on the edgy

The 28-year-old Spanish Grammy-winning singer and songwriter, who announced she’ll be releasing her upcoming album Motomami in March, has released her latest track “Saoko.”

Rosalia, SaokoRosalia’s experimental identity thrives in the edgy and irresistible reggaetón bop that’s unorthodoxly fused with improvised jazz.

The track also samples the 2004 anthem “Saoco” by Wisin and Daddy Yankee.

“Naming my next track ‘SAOKO’ and sampling Yankee and Wisin for me is the most direct homage I can make to classic reggaetón, a genre that I love and that has been a constant and great inspiration throughout the MOTOMAMI project,” Rosalia said in a statement.

The energetically-pumped video for the new track was directed by Valentin Petit, where Rosalía is as fierce as ever with an all-women biker gang in tow.