A Nearly Nude Vergara Models for Artist Domingo Zapata

There’s no denying Sofia Vergara’s curvaceous body could be described as a work of art… And, now it is an actual work of art.

The 40-year-old Colombian actress stripped down to her birthday suit to let noted artist Domingo Zapata paint on her.

Sofia Vergara & Domingo Zapata

“We met through friends and we started talking about doing something together and one day she said, ‘Let’s do it,’ explained the 37-year-old Spanish-American contemporary artist, who recently created a similar piece with Lindsay Lohan that sold for $100,000. “I said, ‘Okay, I don’t have a canvas, so I’m going to have to paint on you.’”

The idea of using her nearly nude body as a canvas didn’t scare the Modern Family starlet and she was ready to get the project started.

Domingo Zapata's Sofia Vergara Art PieceZapata decided to paint the words to a Spanish poem titled “Life is a Dream” on Vergara’s body.

“She is one of the most beautiful women in the world and very comfortable with her body,” said Zapata. “What a canvas!”

Zapata sold the 12-polaroid series of Vergara for $220,000.

The artist will next be working with another Latina bombshell, Eva Longoria.

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