Becker to Mine the Drama on TNT’s “Dallas”

Kuno Becker won’t just be visiting TNT’s Dallas; he’ll apparently be pumping up the drama!

The 34-year-old Mexican actor and former telenovela star, who joined the Dallas cast in October,will be stirring up some serious trouble as Elena’s (Jordana Brewster) brother, Andres.

Kuno Becker II

Nicknamed Drew, Becker’s character was raised on Southfork with John Ross and Christopher and moves into his sister’s cottage.

“He comes back from Afghanistan with a lot of anger and wants to drill his late father’s land,” says Becker, who played a serial killer on CSI: Miami‘s final season.

And Drew isn’t afraid to take extreme measures to get what he wants.

“I’ve had to do a lot of training with firearms, and I get to shoot in a big action scene, but I can’t reveal at what or who.”

Dallas’ 15-episode second season will premiere on January 28. No word yet on when Becker will first appear.

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