Becker’s “Cindo de Mayo: La Batalla” Opens Solidly

Kuno Becker’s Cinco de Mayo-themed film performs solidly in its opening weekend…

Pantelion’s Cinco De Mayo: La Batalla grossed $70,000 over the weekend, averaging $3,500 from 20 runs in Los Angeles and Orange County. California.

Cinco de Mayo: La Batalla

The drama, which stars the 35-year-old Mexican actor and recent Dallas star, tells the story of the legendary Mexican battle on May 5th, 1862, also known as the Battle of Puebla.

The French intervention in Mexico had begun in 1861 due to Napoleon III’s attempt to have more influence in Mexico. The country had just defaulted on its debt with France, Great Britain and Spain, which created an opportunity for France to insert itself in Mexico.

La Batalla of Cinco de Mayo occurred when a lesser-equipped Mexican army led by General Ignacio Zaragosa beat the powerful French army in Puebla. While this battle wasn’t a game changer in the conflict, it did give the Mexican army a morale boost, but it would end up taking six years before France withdrew its forces.

In Mexico, Cinco de Mayo is not commemorated like it is in the U.S., but it’s worth reminding people of the history behind the commercialized festivities through Mexican director’s Rafa Lara big screen history lesson.

Becker to Mine the Drama on TNT’s “Dallas”

Kuno Becker won’t just be visiting TNT’s Dallas; he’ll apparently be pumping up the drama!

The 34-year-old Mexican actor and former telenovela star, who joined the Dallas cast in October,will be stirring up some serious trouble as Elena’s (Jordana Brewster) brother, Andres.

Kuno Becker II

Nicknamed Drew, Becker’s character was raised on Southfork with John Ross and Christopher and moves into his sister’s cottage.

“He comes back from Afghanistan with a lot of anger and wants to drill his late father’s land,” says Becker, who played a serial killer on CSI: Miami‘s final season.

And Drew isn’t afraid to take extreme measures to get what he wants.

“I’ve had to do a lot of training with firearms, and I get to shoot in a big action scene, but I can’t reveal at what or who.”

Dallas’ 15-episode second season will premiere on January 28. No word yet on when Becker will first appear.

Becker Joins the Cast of TNT’s “Dallas” Reboot

Kuno Becker’s career is going south… To Southfork, that is.

The 34-year-old Mexican actor and former telenovela star has joined the cast of TNT’s Dallas reboot, which was picked up for a 15-episode second season following a successful summer run.

Kuno Becker

Becker will portray Andres, the troubled brother of Elena (Jordana Brewster). As a boy, Andres (“Drew” to friends and family) witnessed his father’s death, which turned him into an angry juvenile delinquent. He ended up enlisting in the military, and after a tour in Iraq straightened him up, found work on oil rigs all over the globe. Andres will undoubtedly provoke the wrath of Bobby, J.R. and the rest of the Ewings when he returns to Southfork to continue drilling where his father left off.

Becker, who rose to fame in Latin America in telenovelas like Pueblo chico, infierno grande and Soñadoras, had a recurring role on CBS‘ short-lived legal drama The Defenders. He also appeared on three episodes of CSI: Miami‘s final season last year, where he shared screen time with Hollywood legend Raquel Welch. And he gained international notoriety as the star of the Goal! film trilogy.

Becker Returning to Mexico’s Silver Screen in La Ultima Muerte

He’s appeared in guest-starring roles on American television shows like House, M.D. and CSI: Miami… And he’s even starred in films like English as a Second Language. But it looks like Kuno Becker is returning to his Spanish-language roots.

The 34-year-old former telenovela star is starring in the Mexican science fiction thriller La ultima muerte, a story that deals with controversial issues like the death penalty and organ cloning in a futuristic context.

Kuno Becker
After spending a decade in Hollywood, the Mexican actor is returning to his native country’s silver screen “captivated” by the project, directed by compatriot David Ruiz, a.k.a. “Letxe,” a well-known music video director who has worked with Miguel Bose, Ricardo Arjona and Alejandra Guzman.

“I try to work where I feel they’re offering me a good story,” said the actor on Tuesday while discussing his role as Christian, a young man who suffers from amnesia and is being sought by the police on suspicion of murder.

The film will debut in Mexico this Friday. It will then be screened in other countries throughout Latin America, as well as the United States and Spain, in the coming months.

Becker  began his acting career in 1996’s telenovela Te sigo amando.

Welch to Guest Star on “CSI: Miami”

Iconic sex symbol Raquel Welch is returning to television…

The 71-year-old part-Bolivian actress will guest star on CSI: Miami. She’ll play the mother of the CBS crime drama’s villain Diego Navarro (Carlos Bernard) and grandmother to Esteban (Kuno Becker), aka “The Miami Taunter,” according to TVLine.


Welch’s episode is set to air in early 2012, following a guest appearance by another iconic bombshell, 10‘s Bo Derek, who’ll play the owner of a horse stable.

Welch’s silver screen credits include One Million Years B.C., 100 Rifles, The Three Musketeers and Legally Blonde.

She most recently appeared on television in the short-lived 2008 CBS sitcom Welcome to the Captain.