Camila Cabello Releases Out of This World Music Video for “Hasta Los Dientes,” Featuring Maria Becerra

Camila Cabello is heading out of this world…

The 25-year-old Cuban and Mexican singer/songwriter has released the intergalactic-themed music video for “Hasta Los Dientes,” her collaboration with Maria Becerra.

Camila Cabello, Maria Becerra, Hasta Los DientesContinuing the vibrant visual themes of her latest album, Familia, the video finds Cabello and Becerra in colorful outfits and wigs, filming a performance of the song on set aboard a spaceship.

The duo trade verses, delving into groovy choreography with their space disco-dressed dancers.

“Cuando tú me besas la depre me da / Saber que has besado así a otra más / No te quiero compartir, te quiero solo pa mí / Me entiendes?,” they sing in the chorus, mourning a lover’s romantic past and wanting them all to themselves.

The video ends with a live audience and a television crew applauding the musical duo, Cabello and Becerra take a bow and walk hand-in-hand off the set.

In a recent interview with Billboard, Cabello discussed weaving elements of her Latin culture into her new music and into every aspect of her life.

“I love where I come from,” she said. “I love my culture. It brings me so much joy. I think it’s so incredible. I love Latin music, I love Latin culture. I think we’re just amazing as a community. Our music, our food, our people…so many things. I’m so proud, and that pride and love for it naturally spills into everything. Especially as I get older, I’m always trying to get closer to that for my own soul.”

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