Camila Cabello Stars in Olipop’s First-Ever National Campaign

It’s a family (and friends) affair for Camila Cabello

The 26-year-old Cuban & Mexican singer is joined by her family and friends in her new campaign with Olipop, the soft drink company’s first-ever national campaign.

Camila Cabello“I wanted it to feel authentic and those are the people that really make me who I am,” the former Fifth Harmony member tells Billboard of the new ad, which follows the theme of “Real Love Makes Us.”

In the 30-second Daniel Mercadante-directed clip, the “Havana” singer is seen hanging out and laughing with her parents, sister and friends.

“Success is always measured by the big stuff, but we forget that it’s the little stuff that really makes us,” she is heard saying in the video, as she and her loved ones enjoy some Olipop soda at the dinner table.

The relaxed environment in the clip directly reflects some of Cabello’s favorite childhood memories, telling Billboard that her most beloved times with her family and friends are “those moments when we’re all in the kitchen and someone is cooking or making coffee, and we’re talking about nothing, but simply being around each other feels like we’re tending to something important.”

Olipop already sticks out in grocery stores due to its fun, colorful packaging, but the brand also aims to redefine soft drinks by developing a tonic that combines the classic soda taste with the benefits of plant-based fiber, prebiotics and other botanical ingredients to help balance out the body’s microbiome and promote overall well-being.

“Soda is a powerful force that has historically brought people together and fostered social cohesion, family bonding, and lifelong memories,” said Ben Goodwin, Olipop’s founder, formulator and CEO in a press statement. “But how can we still associate this nostalgic, friendly feeling most of us get with soda when we as a society have accepted the serious health consequences associated with it? Our new campaign goes back to why I created Olipop in the first place — to allow consumers to enjoy soda once again without any sacrifice on taste or health. We can hopefully inspire people to truly take the time to celebrate the real moments that make us who we are — with a soda in hand that’s actually good for you.”

And, yes, Cabello told us her favorite flavor. “It’s between Vintage Cola and Strawberry Vanilla,” she shares. “Vintage Cola is so good with tacos and pizza! Reminds me of childhood.”

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