Enrique Urbizu to Direct Max’s Thriller “When Nobody Sees Us,” The Streamer’s First Series Order in Spain

Enrique Urbizu will be living to the Max 

Max has made its first series order in Spain, with the 60-year-old Spanish film director and screenwriter attached to direct the project.

Enrique UrbizuLast year, Max owner Warner Bros Discovery pulled out of production for Max predecessor HBO Max in much of Europe and underwent a period of painful cuts, but Spain was one of the few countries in Europe to avoid the cull.

Max has now greenlit the start of production on When Nobody Sees Us, an eight-part thriller from Zeta Studios and based on the Sergio Sarria novel of the same name.

This also marks the first Spanish production since HBO Max was combined with Discovery+ to create Max.

Daniel Corpas leads the writing team, with the collaboration of Arturo Ruiz and Isa Sanchez.

Set against the dramatic backdrop of the Spanish Holy Week celebrations, the series is a thriller led by two policewomen trying to solve a series of crimes in the Andalusian town of Morón de la Frontera, in the political and cultural region of Seville’s so-called ‘deep Spain,’ which is home to one of the biggest international U.S. military bases.

Lucía Gutiérrez is a sergeant of the Spanish Civil Guard investigating the bizarre suicide of a neighbor and strange events that have taken place during the first Holy Week float processions. Magaly Castillo is a Special Agent of the Military Police of the United States Army sent to find out the whereabouts of a missing American soldier who seems to be linked to the shady business of Colonel Douglas Hoopen, head of the Air Force Base, and an underhanded marine, Lieutenant Andrew Taylor. They soon discover that the two investigations are connected.

“Throughout my professional career I have made several thrillers with different intensity and themes. When Nobody Sees Us is for me a first and exciting incursion into the television serial of detectives and pure investigation,” said director Urbizu, “With two women as our protagonists, Lucia and Magaly, one from the Spanish Civil Guard and the other from the American Military Police, together they share mysteries, dangers and confidences. Both in tone and rhythm, this is a new adventure for me.”

When Nobody Sees Us is a bet for the purest thriller, in which the limits of different frontiers in themes and narrative are explored,” added Executive Producer Miguel Salvat for WBD. “Of course, there is the border between good and evil, but also the clashes between two ways of life, between countries and cultures, and the weight of tradition. We believe that Enrique Urbizu has all the tools to tell this story that will surprise and engage us all, no matter which side of the border we find ourselves on.”

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