Fernanda Romero Starring in the YA Supernatural Thriller “Karma’s a Bitch”

Fernanda Romero is dealing with some serious karma

The 39-year-old Mexican actress, model and singer has been cast in the YA supernatural thriller Karma’s a Bitch, which recently wrapped production.

Fernanda RomeroRomero is part of an ensemble cast that includes Tony Todd, Natasha Henstridge, Isabella Blake-Thomas, Pearce JozaTerry HuMatt CornettDavid LipperRich TingElise LuthmanNotlim TaylorAbbie GeorgannaPedro Henrique and Eddie McClintock.

Penned by Elizabeth Blake-Thomas, the film follows queer teen Charley Stevens (Blake-Thomas) as she moves to the remote town of Latigo Springs, where her recently deceased mother, Maya, grew up. Soon after arriving, Charley is plagued with strange nightmares that tease a horrific event from the past, hinting at why Maya left town when she was younger. The spitting image of her mother, Charley has an uncontrollable curse; the ability to instantly inflict bad karma. Feeling the weight of the world on her shoulders, Charley finds comfort in classmate Val (Hu), falling head over heels for them. The more Charley investigates the town’s secrets, the more her curse spins out of control, hurting those she cares about. Equipped with Maya’s old journals, Charley is determined to push past any obstacle until all secrets of her mother and Latigo Springs are revealed.

Elizabeth Blake-Thomas is the film’s director.

Romero’s previous credits include the Mexican telenovela Eternamente tuya, Entourage and her supporting role in the American film The Eye.

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