Get More Luna in Perry’s Extended “The One That Got Away” Video

If you didn’t get enough of Diego Luna in Katy Perry’s heartbreaking video for “The One That Got Away,” you’re in luck…

Perry has released the extended version of the clip, featuring longer opening and closing scenes that include más of the 32-year-old Mexican actor.

Katy Perry & Diego Luna as Star-Crossed Lovers in The One That Got Away
The original video, directed by Floria Sigismondi, had a running time of five minutes while the new director’s cut is seven-minutes long.

As with the original, the clip starts off with old Perry arriving at her oh-so-posh home. This time though, there are more clips of her wandering around the house, slowly arranging her stuff, and going into deep thought about her past.

In the living room, the elder Perry’s mind waxes nostalgic about her long gone lover, played by Luna. A quick montage of their happy relationship fills the screen while old Perry continues to flashback to her younger days with Luna.

The relationship goes sour and the two lovers separate with Luna getting into a tragic accident. An extended closing to the heart-breaking story presents Perry driving off into the beautiful and calm sunset.

The song was part of Perry’s Teenage Dream album, which was released in August 24, 2010.

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