Gonzaga to Star in TBS’ Comedy Pilot “Wrecked”

Ginger Gonzaga has wrecked her career…

The part-Latina actress has been cast in the TBS pilot Wrecked, a single-camera comedy from up-and-coming writers Justin Shipley and Jordan Shipley and producer Jesse Hara.

Ginger Gonzaga

Described as Lost meets It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Wrecked follows a group of extremely diverse survivors of a plane crash on a remote island who must adjust to life in a dangerous new world that poses unique threats — mostly brought upon themselves. No longer plugged in, the group must navigate this new society and learn to live without the comforts of 2015, including social media, Wifi, indoor plumbing and Chipotle.

Gonzaga, whose television credits include Anger Management, Mixology and In Gayle We Trust, will portray Emma, who’s on her way to Thailand with her friend, Florence, after having decided to drop out of medical school.

Gonzaga’s costars include Zach Cregger, Jessica Lowe, Asif Ali, Ally Maki, Will Greenberg, Brooke Dillman, James ScottGeorge Basil and Rhys Darby.

Filming on the pilot has begun in Puerto Rico.

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