Juan Luis Guerra Releases New Single “Mambo 23”

Juan Luis Guerra is ready to mambo

The 66-year-old Dominican award-winning musician, singer, composer and record producer has released “Mambo 23,” the first single from Juan Luis Guerra’s upcoming EP RADIO GUIRA.

Juan Luis GuerraGuerra’s new album is set to release in November.

“’Mambo 23′ is the first time we ventured into a mambo merengue — we had never done it and the rhythm caught our attention and we began to work with arrangements of saxophones, trumpets, trombones, and classical instruments,” says Guerra in a statement. “We liked the result very much and we believe that we have the piece to launch our new EP Radio Guira.”

The video, directed by his son Jean Gabriel Guerra, shows a lonely night cleaning worker of Radio Guira. Feeling alone and curious, he presses a button unleashing an explosion of music and videos. Driven by the irresistible music of Juan Luis Guerra and his 4.40 band, he indulges in an energetic dance routine. In the end, as often happens in life, he discovers that he was not alone. The artist surprises him, gives him a wink and then leaves: a magical moment that captures the essence of his music.

Guerra doesn’t shy away from his message of gospel; “Mambo 23” will make more than one person dance no matter where it plays, as only Guerra knows how to do.  

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