Juanes Releases New Single “La Versión en mi Cabeza”

Juanes is getting something out of his head

The 51-year-old Colombian superstar has released “La Versión en mi Cabeza” as part of the deluxe version of his successful album Vida Cotidiana, which earned him four Latin Grammy nominations this year.

JuanesThe new song begins with soft chords from an electric guitar and the singer’s melodious voice, followed by soft percussion that unleashes the rock ballad.

Written primarily by Venezuelan singer-songwriter Joaquina, the protagonist reflectively accepts and understands the fact of not being able to change his partner to meet his expectations.

He finally realizes that the time has come to let go of that relationship: “I come back every time, even if I don’t want to/ To the version of you that only exists in my head/ I know you never wanted to hurt me/ But what do I do, ask you to change/ It’s too much,” goes the chorus.

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