Karol G Releases Surprise New Single “Provenza”

Karol G is back with new music…

The 31-year-old Colombian singer surprised fans by releasing her new single, “Provenza.”

Karol GIt was released with little anticipation on the eve of the 2022 Latin AMAs

Coming after a string of powerful, anthemic, rhythmic tracks, from “Tusa” to “Makinón” and to “Mamiii,” her collaboration with Becky G, “Provenza” feels like an impressionistic painting: Wistful and sweet, even gentle, but with an undercurrent of strength.

Singing over a lilting, calypso-esque beat, Karol yearns for an encounter with a past love — “Baby what’s up. Haven’t heard anything from you in a while; I was with someone but now I’m free, ready to relive old times, haven’t been out in a long time” — her vocals almost floating in counterpoint over the soft, but quick-paced bass line.

Despite the chant that arrives toward the end of the track, “Provenza” is more dance than urban, its vibe of freedom and joy augmented by a video that features only women — of all sizes and stripes — uninhibitedly lounging, swimming and dancing in a seaside town.

And Karol — face practically devoid of makeup — embracing the liberty of it all.

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