Luis Fonsi Releases New Single “Buenos Aires” & Official Music Video for Track

Luis Fonsi is heading south this summer…

The 45-year-old Puerto Rican singer has released his highly anticipated new single “Buenos Aires.”

Luis FonsiWith Fonsi leading the composition along with Andrés Torres, Mauricio Rengifo and Keityn, and produced by Rengifo and Torres, “Buenos Aires” is the first single of what is set to be Fonsi’s next musical chapter.

Fonsi shared what inspired him to write his new hit, saying, “‘Buenos Aires’ tells the story of attempting to erase the memory of a lover and coming to the realization that it is completely impossible to do so. It is a heartbreak song that speaks of the pain you feel when that person who means so much to you has moved on.

“When I started writing the song, it immediately transported me to Argentine cumbia, and this inspired me to make references to some of the cities that have great significance in my life and career in the next couple of songs that I will be releasing. It’s very exciting for me because ‘Buenos Aires’ marks the beginning of a new chapter in my music…I have many songs to share, and I am thrilled to have fans join me on this journey.”

For several weeks, the multiple Latin Grammy winner had been sharing a preview of “Buenos Aires” with his followers on social media, which resulted in thousands of fan creations on TikTok.

Fonsi’s community can also finally enjoy not only the complete song but also the stellar music video directed by renowned creative director of Elastic People, Carlos Pérez.

The video was filmed in Miami last April, and its concept drew inspiration from one of the catchy phrases in the song “no saquen el corazón que están robando,” which means keep the stolen heart inside.

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