Luis Fonsi Releases New Single “Buenos Aires” & Official Music Video for Track

Luis Fonsi is heading south this summer…

The 45-year-old Puerto Rican singer has released his highly anticipated new single “Buenos Aires.”

Luis FonsiWith Fonsi leading the composition along with Andrés Torres, Mauricio Rengifo and Keityn, and produced by Rengifo and Torres, “Buenos Aires” is the first single of what is set to be Fonsi’s next musical chapter.

Fonsi shared what inspired him to write his new hit, saying, “‘Buenos Aires’ tells the story of attempting to erase the memory of a lover and coming to the realization that it is completely impossible to do so. It is a heartbreak song that speaks of the pain you feel when that person who means so much to you has moved on.

“When I started writing the song, it immediately transported me to Argentine cumbia, and this inspired me to make references to some of the cities that have great significance in my life and career in the next couple of songs that I will be releasing. It’s very exciting for me because ‘Buenos Aires’ marks the beginning of a new chapter in my music…I have many songs to share, and I am thrilled to have fans join me on this journey.”

For several weeks, the multiple Latin Grammy winner had been sharing a preview of “Buenos Aires” with his followers on social media, which resulted in thousands of fan creations on TikTok.

Fonsi’s community can also finally enjoy not only the complete song but also the stellar music video directed by renowned creative director of Elastic People, Carlos Pérez.

The video was filmed in Miami last April, and its concept drew inspiration from one of the catchy phrases in the song “no saquen el corazón que están robando,” which means keep the stolen heart inside.

Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee’s “Despacito” Video Hits 8 Billion Views on YouTube

Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee continue extending their reign…

The 44-year-old Puerto Rican singer and 45-year-old Puerto Rican reggaeton star’s music video for global sensation “Despacito” has logged 8 billion views on YouTube.

Luis Fonsi & Daddy YankeeIn the process Fonsi and Daddy Yankee’s video extends its reign as the most-viewed music video on YouTube — by a long shot.

The closest competitor to the nearly five-minute clip for the 2017 smash hit is Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You,” which has raked in 5.8 billion views.

“Who would of thought that a melody over my guitar that morning in my house would be listened to in so many places, by so many people,” Fonsi wrote on social media celebrating the song’s new milestone. “It’s been almost six years and I still can’t believe it. The words THANK YOU don’t cover it. 8 billion views, sounds so nice.”

Fonsi continued thanking those who made it all possible, including Daddy Yankee, Justin Bieber who jumped on the remix, his co-writer Erika Ender, producers Andrés Torres and Mauricio Rengifo and video director Carlos Pérez, to name a few, and his island of Puerto Rico, where they filmed the video, featuring former Miss Universe Zuleyka Rivera.

“Despacito,” released via Universal Music Latino in January 2017, is the gift that keeps on giving. Four months after the music video made its debut on YouTube, it hit the 1 billion mark back when it got a boost from a bilingual remix that featured Bieber.

Five years ago in May, the remix with Bieber reached No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and made global history. Furthermore, “Despacito” topped the Hot Latin Songs chart for a record 56 (non-consecutive) weeks, spending the most weeks at No. 1 for any title since the chart’s inception in 1986.

TINI Teams Up with Tiago PZK to Release the New Single “El Último Beso”

It’s a last kiss for TINI

The 25-year-old Argentine singer, songwriter and actress has joined voices with Tiago PZK to release the new single “El Último Beso.”

TINI & Tiago PZKTINI and Tiago PZK bring to live the track about young love with matching tattoos, parties, and the last kiss.

TINI and Tiago PZK teamed up with Colombian hitmakers Mauricio Rengifo and Andrés Torres to compose and produce their first collaborative effort, which is an urban-pop song with punk rock influences.

“El Último Beso” is exactly that, the aftermath following a breakup and that final smooch.

“Nothing’s the same anymore/ Time continued but I stayed six months ago,” chants TINI. “I’ve loved his talent from the first time I heard it,” expresses TINI in a statement. “I always wanted to create music with him, so I’m very happy that the time has finally come for our fans to listen to this song that we have saved for so long.”

Ricky Martin Teams Up with Reik for New Pop Ballad “A Veces Bien y A Veces Mal”

Ricky Martin is celebrating the good and the bad

The 50-year-old Puerto Rican superstar has joined voices with Mexican band Reik to release the single “A Veces Bien y A Veces Mal.”

Ricky MartinMartin and Reik deliver a beautiful pop ballad that marries Martin and Jesús Navarro’s (Reik’s frontman) dramatic-but-soothing vocals, effortlessly evoking pain and sorrow.

“Sometimes I’m well, Sometimes I’m not,” they sing in the heartbreak song, produced by Andrés Torres and Mauricio Rengifo.

“For us, Ricky is one of the most complete artists and huge in terms of talent and range,” Reik wrote on social media ahead of the song’s release. “We’ve been his fans for many years.”

It’s the first collaboration between Martin and the Mexican trio.

Luis Fonsi Teams Up with Manuel Turizo for New Single “Vacaciones”

Luis Fonsi is taking a vacation…

The 43-year-old Puerto Rican singer has joined voices with Manuel Turizo to release “Vacaciones,” via Universal Music Latino.

Luis Fonsi, Manuel Turizo

Fonsi and Turizo transport listeners to summer with the new single, the first time they work together on a track.

“Baby, I have a plan, in case the routine tires you/ I invite you to the beach and you can take a break from life,” Fonsi sings at the top of the pop-reggaetón song.

Penned by hitmakers Andrés Torres and Mauricio Rengifo — the duo behind Fonsi’s smash hit “Despacito” — “Vacaciones” will be part of Fonsi’s upcoming album, which is set to drop later this year.

Sebastián Yatra Releases New Single “Amor Pasajero”

Sebastián Yatra is traveling in style…

The 27-year-old Colombian singer has released his latest single “Amor Pasajero” via Universal Music Latino.

Sebastian YatraThe all new track has a fresh sound led by an Argentine cumbia beat.

“Amor Pasajero” is Yatra’s second single off his upcoming album Dharma.

The track, produced by hitmakers Andrés Torres and Mauricio Rengifo, finds Yatra on a rollercoaster of emotions as he comes to terms with a failed relationship.

“I’ve returned to the same bar to drink my sorrows away and meet someone that will make me forget you at least for a moment,” a defeated Yatra sings.

Dharma, Yatra’s third studio LP, is set to be released on January 28.

Anitta Teams Up with Saweetie for New All-English Single “Faking Love”

Anitta isn’t afraid to Fake it…

The 28-year-old Brazilian singer has joined voices with Saweetie to release her new single “Faking Love.”

Anitta & Saweetie

The all-English collaboration follows the release of Anitta’s uptempo bossanova single “Girl From Rio.”

“She is the badass boss bi—,” the Brazilian artist said on Instagram of her collab partner.

Produced by Andres Torres, Mauricio Rengifo and Ryan Tedder, the song is an edgy, midtempo Brazilian funk track featuring Saweetie’s slick rap verses.

“I’ve been faking love with you,” Anitta sings in the track that’s about a girl who shows no remorse after a breakup.

The music video, helmed by director duo Bradley & Pablo, shows both artists in a cheeky and conceptual setting.

Anthony Ramos Releases Sophomore Album “Love and Lies”

Anthony Ramos is spreading love and lies

The 29-year-old Puerto Rican actor/singer, currently starring in the film adaptation of Tony Award-winning musical In The Heights, has released his sophomore album Love and Lies via Republic Records.

Anthony Ramos

Home to 12 tracks, including his previously released “Blessings,” “Say Less” and “Échale,” the set spotlights Ramos’ ability to fuse genres from retro electro-pop and soulful R&B to Latin urban.

“I want to listen to music that makes you want to stay up late, music that makes you want to love, and music that ultimately makes you feel connected,” he expresses.

Love and Lies was helmed by Ramos’ longtime friend and executive producer Will Wells and co-writer Castle, who’s also his childhood friend.

On this set, Ramos also joined forces with select new producers, including Latin hitmakers Andres Torres and Mauricio Rengifo, who brought to life his single “Right Now.”

Danna Paola Teams Up with Morat for New Single “Idiota”

Danna Paola is reuniting with Morat for new music…

The 25-year-old Mexican actress/singer has joined voices once again with the Colombian quartet for their new song “Idiota.”

Danna Paola, Morat

While not the first time they collaborate, this new song reinforces the bonds that unite Morat with Mexico.

The song, originally composed by Morat, together with Mauricio Rengifo and Andrés Torres, has a rhythmic pattern that resembles dembow, and closely represents the current Latin landscape.

That’s why they reeled in a female voice to complete and effectively narrate the story behind it. It’s a beautiful mix of vocals that perfectly give life to the story adding Danna’s pop fusions.

The lyrics talk about a love that is gone but you can’t forget, and you are trying to get back. It phrases the advice that you have probably given or gotten from your friends: “If you love something, let it goIf it comes back to you, it’s yours forever. If it doesn’t, then it was never meant to be.”

Luis Fonsi Teams Up with Myke Towers for Catchy Single “Besame”

Luis Fonsi is requesting kisses

The 43-year-old Puerto Rican singer has joined voices with Myke Towers for the new single “Besame.”

Luis Fonsi, Besame, Myke Towers,The single, the first-ever team up for Fonsi and Towers, is a catchy song from beginning to end. It combines reggaeton pop with Dominican bachata.

Co-written by Fonsi, Towers, Andres Torres, Mauricio Rengifo, and Keaton, the song tells the story of a game of seduction and mischief between a man and a woman.

“I know that you are using me for the weekends,” Fonsi said of the lyrics. “But the reality is that it does not bother me. I play your game, but if you want to stay, stay because there is something interesting between us.”

The video was filmed in Miami and directed by Elastic People‘s Carlos Perez.

Overall, “Besame” is a mix of island flavors that will make you want to dance to the melodies and positive vibes.