Romeo Santos Releases Heartfelt New Single “Sus Huellas” on Valentine’s Day

Romeo Santos is bringing the heartbreak this Valentine’s Day

The 40-year-old Puerto Rican and Dominican American singer, who sold out stadiums with his Aventura reunion tour last year, has officially released his first solo single of the year, “Sus Huellas.

Romeo SantosIn true King of Bachata fashion, the track is full of heartfelt and metaphorical lyrics, describing a person who’s trying to forget a past love.

“Before you discover my heart/ I warn you that I have wounds/ That my dark past was a woman/ and now I need to erase her from my life,” Santos sings at the beginning.

“I’m telling her, ‘I need you to help me, help us,’” Santos explains to Billboard. “The subliminal message is that it is absurd for you to ask a person to help you when I am the toxic one. The problem is me. You can’t love anyone if you don’t love yourself first.”

In the music video, Santos meets a new woman and asks for her to help him forget his past relationship.

“Come, rip her footprints from my skin,” he chants. Toward the end, she’s seen digging a scalpel into his skin to help him heal. Santos oozes blue blood instead of red.

“People think blue is for royalty because I’m the king of bachata,” he says, “but the real reason is that I felt that red would look too graphic and I didn’t want this to look like a horror film.”

He opted to release the song on Valentine’s Day and begin a campaign where fans substitute the color red with blue. “It’s a very special song and I think it’s great for the occasion,” he elaborates.

“Sus Huellas” is the first single off of Santos’ upcoming studio album Formula, Vol. 3. 

“It’s a special album, and feels like my greatest yet,” he tells Billboard of the new album.

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