Rosario Dawson Among Voice Cast of Immersive Animated Series “Ghosts of Ruin”

Rosario Dawson is embracing the ruins

The 44-year-old Puerto Rican and Cuban American actress and activist has been cast in the immersive animated series Ghosts of Ruin.

Rosario DawsonDawson is part of a voice cast that includes Nathalie Emmanuel and Tony Revolori on the animated series, which follows a group of gamers as they compete in the first-ever neural reality battle royale game, named “Ruin.” However, a malicious virus appears and transforms their utopia into hell.

Protagonist Lee (Revolori) joins the ranks of the upcoming battle royale thanks to his gaming skills, but the game itself contains a dark and secret entity hunting each of the plays down.

Dawson, who will also be returning as Ahsoka in August, plays badass gaming gunslinger Prism and one of Lee’s fellow contestants. She is described as a standoffish pro gamer with one goal: to be the world’s undisputed champion — will deliver in an upcoming episode. Attendees watched three versions of her character’s quippy dialogue and overwhelmingly voted for option C, which landed the biggest burn against her ex-lover.

Emmanuel will voice Dr. Angela Tucci, who is teased as “a very monumental, pivotal character in the run of the show.”

“I’ve wanted her on the show from the very beginning, because I’m a big fan of hers,” said showrunner Michael Ryan. “She’s amazing. And I think the part she’s playing is so perfect. I can’t wait to record her.”

Ryan also offered a little more detail on who Emmanuel will voice. “She’s pretty much running the neural reality,” he teased. “Everything I’ve watched Nathalie in, her acting is so strong and her sense of presence and strength really comes through and I really think that’s going to be perfect.

Also starring in the show are K-Pop star AleXa, Karen Strassman and John Bentley, as well as Josh Keaton, Justin Long, Cherise Boothe, Harron Atkins, Michael Longfellow and JB Blanc.

“Ghosts of Ruin” will debut this fall via the Gala Film website, the film and TV division of Web3 company Gala. Though no streaming service is attached to the project yet, Battle Island plans to shop the project to other platforms for a wider release.

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