Snow tha Product Releases New Freestyle Track “”On My Sh–“

Snow tha Product is back with new music…

The 33-year-old Mexican American rapper has released her latest freestyle “On My Sh–.” aproduct of her latest experiment.

Snow tha Product

Snow tha Productteased the video on her Instagram, writing, “process of making a song from scratch n shooting this myself in my livingroom (5,000 comments n ill drop this and the vlog about it).” More than 6,000 comments flooded the post about the untitled project at the time, prompting her to drop it.

Sitting on a cube chair and occasionally taking swigs from a champagne bottle in the video, Snow Tha Product (real name Claudia Alexandra Madriz Meza) celebrates handling her own financial and musical business as an independent artist. “I been on my sh–, like I gotta get rich/ So I’m all in my bag, like I gotta get chips/ Like I haven’t been runnin’ it up, handlin’ biz/ Like I haven’t been rackin’ it up for some odd years,” she raps in the self-made production.

Snow Tha Product promised her fans that she’ll keep up her candid braggadocious efforts if they keep commenting, which could potentially score spots on her upcoming album Vale Madre.

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