ViX Orders “Todo Lo Que Fuimos,” a Relationship Drama Starring Esmeralda Pimentel

Esmeralda Pimentel is celebrating everything she was

TelevisaUnivision streamer ViX has ordered the relationship drama Todo lo Que Fuimos, starring the 34-year-old Mexican actress and model.

Esmeralda PimentelLatinx producer The Immigrant is working on the project about two mothers fighting the urge to be together.

In addition to Pimentel, who most recently starred in High Heat, the project also stars Fátima Molina, Michel Brown and Margarita Muñoz.

The story follows two women with a secret past, with themes touching on relationships, LGBTIA+ issues and family.

Shooting took place in Mexico and New York and production wrapped last week.

Here’s the synopsis: “Natalia and Gala are two mothers who don’t seem to have anything in common, except their children go to the same school. Natalia is the perfect Mexican mom, married to Bruno, the perfect husband and father. Gala is a Chicana from New York who just moved to Mexico with Isa, her wife. But Natalia and Gala keep a secret: years ago, they had a relationship that changed their lives. Now they try to stay away from each other, but they can’t. There is a passion that pulls them together no matter how hard they fight it. A passion that threatens to destroy everything they have.”

Adriana Pelusi, Natalia Castells-Esquivels, Jimena Montemayor and Maria Renee Prudencio are writing and the directors are Pepa San Martin and Montemayor.

“We wanted to produce an elevated melodrama,” said The Immigrant CEO and co-founder Camila Jiménez-Villa in an interview with Deadline. “We wanted to explore universal themes like motherhood, desire, gender roles and belonging, all through characters that are trying to do their best in difficult circumstances.”

Ownership of international rights outside of ViX’s operating territories are still to be decided.

“It would do really beautifully in Europe,” said Jiménez-Villa.

“For a platform like Vix, it’s not a show you would expect,” Montemayor told Deadline. “It’s very wild for them to make a show like this but they gave us a lot of freedom to conceive the world, story and the visual narrative.”

Pelusi said the series subverts the norms of Mexican television as queer characters as usually portrayed as support or sidekicks, adding: “It’s a love story like you’d see in a Mexican soap opera, only with queer characters.”

“While my stories have consistently prioritized characters over plot, Todo lo que Fuimos represents a departure from the thriller, drama, and social justice genres of my previous projects. Instead, this show immerses itself in a narrative that revolves around love, heartbreak, and desire,” said Montemayor.

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