Salazar Lands Yet Another Acting Gig…

She’s a relative newcomer in Hollywood, but Rosa Salazar could soon be one of the busiest rising stars in Hollywood…

Salazar has signed on to appear in Fox’s comedy pilot Little Brother, which centers around a man who discovers he has an ex-con half-brother he never knew about. She’ll reportedly play the cashier/clerk at the other hermano’s music store.

Rosa Salazar

Salazar, who was born in British Columbia, Canada and raised in Maryland, has been appearing as Maria in FX’s new out-of-this-world series American Horror Story, which received a Golden Globe nomination for best TV drama this week.

But that’s not all… She also has a recurring role on NBC’s Parenthood as coffee cart queen Zoe DeHaven. And she recently appeared in an episode of

Not bad for the up-and-coming actress who only moved to Los Angeles in 2009 to pursue acting.

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