Anitta & TOMORROW X TOGETHER Release New Single “Back For More”

Anitta is back with More

The 30-year-old Brazilian singer-songwriter and TOMORROW X TOGETHER have released their new collaboration “Back For More.”

Anitta, TXT, TOMORROW X TOGETHER,The single arrived on all streaming platforms on Friday, September 15.

Alongside the track’s release, a music video also arrived, which featured the group members — Yeonjun, Soobin, Beomgyu, Taehyun and HueningKai — hitting expert choreography from the stage of an auditorium as they sing the chorus of the track, which dares the object of their affections to either be with them, or prepare to leave them all heartbroken.

“I can see you comin’ back for more/ Comin’ back for more (Yeah)/ If you walk out that door/ I can see you comin’ back for more/ Comin’ back for more (Yeah)/ If you walk out that door,” the boys sing on an infectious chorus.

Anitta provides an assist on the second verse of the track, and proves her endless devotion to the person lucky enough to catch her eyes. “Don’t wanna feel nobody/ If it isn’t you, baby/ They’re gonna call my night/ Been thinking about you, baby,” she seductively sings.

TXT performed “Back For More” alongside Anitta for their debut at the MTV VMAs on Tuesday night (September 12). “Back for More” — the pre-release single for The Name Chapter: FREEFALL (October 13 release date) — will receive a (TXT Ver.), a house remix and an Afrobeats remix, all of which will arrive on September 18.

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