Kim Loaiza Teams Up with Ovy on the Drums for New Single “Ya No Somos”

Kim Loaiza is heartbroken

The 24-year-old Mexican YouTuber, influencer and singer has teamed up with artist-producer Ovy on the Drums to release her latest single “Ya No Somos.

Kim Loaiza The pop-urban heartbreaking track, which features thumping beats, was penned by Loaiza, Ovy on The Drums, Keytin, JD Pantoja, and Gotex, doesn’t fail to bring that nostalgic sentiment of a romance that once was while also exploring the complex emotions and overwhelming feeling that follow a breakup.

“Today I drink in your honor. For what we were, and what we are no
longer, baby,” Loaiza sings in the chorus.

The music video has already amassed over 6 million views.

Loaiza’s previous singles include “No Seas Celoso,” “Me Perdiste” and “Bye Bye.”

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