Micro TDH Teams Up with Pablo Alborán for Romantic Pop Song “El Lobby”

Micro TDH is lobbying for radio airplay…

The 22-year-old Venezuelan rapper and Latin trap singer has joined voices with Pablo Alborán to release the new single “El Lobby.”

Micro TDH x Pablo Alboran

A romantic pop song where the artists harmonize their singing and rapping voices, respectively, over a soulful electric guitar weep, “El Lobby” is about love and nostalgia.

“I see it as a fleeting, ephemeral experience, which in the end it is not known if it was real,” Micro TDH describes in a statement. “It’s about meeting a person and having an idyllic moment with them and at some point, when you wake up, that person is not there, and it’s like it never happened.”

The music video was filmed in Mexico City by director Laura Martinova and features both artists.

Micro TDH previously teamed up with Piso 21 and Myke Towers.

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