Stephanie Beatriz to Star in the Sci-Fi Series “The Disco Ball”

Stephanie Beatriz is heading to the disco…

The 42-year-old Colombian-Bolivian Argentine actress will star in the sci-fi series The Disco Ball.

Stephanie BeatrizBeatriz will star opposite Costa Ronin in the series from online storytelling platform StoryCo, with Halo showrunner Kyle Killen attached.

In the sci-fi-series, Beatriz will play Captain Alma Cooke, who leads a team of astronauts thrust into a journey to save the multiverse. Ronin also stars, with Lionel Boyce, Baron Ryan and Teddy Sears in supporting roles.

The first chapter launches today as the debut project on StoryCo, a collaborative online platform that allows creatives to create multimedia stories and build communities around them.

A multi-chapter arc will unfold over the next several months, with creators from around the world collaborating with Killen and others to expand and build on the story.

The Disco Ball will be produced through in part through ‘Co/Create’ initiatives, where artists, musicians, actors, producers, writers and other creatives are invited to key elements of the story alongside the core team. That work is integrated into the main narrative and rewarded with upfront compensation and a share of future profits through StoryCo’s ‘Profit Points’ system, which rewards meaningful contributions.

So far, the backstory of the antagonist was illustrated by Nigerian art student Okereafor Aanu, a supplementary character was developed by New York high school teacher Aaron Arm, a voice performance is provided by retired Disney Imagineer staffer Roy Berglund and a song that will feature in a later chapter comes from Arizona synth pop duo Fuzzle.

Killen is the writer. He’s known for creating Fox’s Lone Star, NBC’s Awake and ABC’s Mind Games during the 2010s. He also co-wrote the Jodie Foster-directed 2011 film The Beaver and Kevin and Michael Goetz’s Scenic Route.

More recently, he was showrunner and executive producer on Paramount+ sci-fi series Halo, and created Fox pilot The Last Police, which was passed over last year as we revealed at the time. Next year, he’s set to be showrunner on Netflix’s Man on Fire.

The Disco Ball represents a new way to engage with fictional characters and worlds,” said Killen. “It’s an experience that leans into modern technology and all the powerful ways in which it can seamlessly aid global community, human connection, and the sharing of ideas.”

Beatriz is best known for her work on television in Brooklyn Nine-Nine. She has also starred in Twisted Metal and the Disney film Encanto.

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