Alvaro Soler Releases New Single “Te Imaginaba”

It isn’t just Alvaro Soler’s imagination

The 33-year-old Spanish-German singer-songwriter has released the new single “Te imaginaba” via Epic Local.

Alvaro SolerSoler’s latest single is described as having a “classic romanticism that celebrates an innocent love,” per Billboard.

The song is an acoustic pop jam with an island feel, perfect for this warm season of the year.

“I imagined you/ Having breakfast kisses in bed/ Waking up next to you every morning/ And if we fight, let it be with the pillow/ As I imagined you” says the chorus of the tender song.

The song is accompanied by a visualizer where you can see Soler singing in front of the camera while he walks through beautiful landscapes.

It’s the ideal song for someone newly in love, who may end up at an altar.

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