Gerardo Coronel Earns First Solo No. 1 on Billboard’s Regional Mexican Airplay Chart with “Se Buscan Borrachos”

Gerardo Coronel has scored his first solo No. 1. 

The 27-year-old Mexican singer-songwriter, known as “El Jerry,” crosses has earned his first No. 1 without any other acts on Billboard’s Regional Mexican Airplay chart as “Se Buscan Borrachos” ascends to the top of the December 2-dated ranking.

Gerardo Coronel,Coronel’s second No. 1 overall takes the lead with 8.7 million audience impressions in the U.S. Nov. 17-23, according to Luminate.

The song is a “journey alongside my great team,” Coronel tells Billboard. “It invites us all to get drunk, cure the hangover and become an expert at the subject, because if we were looking for drunks, it was to make them sing about what’s coming next year!”

“Se Buscan Borrachos” was composed by Salvador Aponte and Meño Segovia and appears on Coronel’s album CHSM el Hígado!

The track arrives at the Regional Mexican Airplay summit after Coronel notched his first leader on any Billboard chart with “Que Onda Perdida,” with Grupo Firme, for three weeks in July.

The Regional Mexican corrido singer-songwriter has since debuted two other tracks on the ranking: “Alguien De Aquí,” with Nathan Galante, up to No. 19 on the latest list, and “Al Menos Indicado,” with Cuisillos, concurrently new at No. 40.

Further, Coronel claims the sixth Regional Mexican Airplay No. 1 of 2023 by a soloist with no billed collaborators. Seven such songs led in 2022, after four did in 2021 and three reigned in 2020, with the genre largely the domain of groups historically.

Here’s the list of such leaders this year:

Artist, Title, Date Song Reached No. 1:
Gerardo Coronel “El Jerry,” “Se Buscan Borrachos,” Dec. 2, 2023
Alejandro Fernández, “Difícil Tu Caso,” Nov. 18, 2023
El Fantasma, “La Vida Cara,” Sept. 9, 2023
Carin León, “Indispensable,” Aug. 19, 2023
Alejandro Fernández, “No Es Que Me Quiera Ir,” Aug. 5, 2023
Christian Nodal, “Un Cumbión Dolido,” June 3, 2023

Beyond its Regional Mexican Airplay coronation, “Se Buscan Borrachos” makes progress on the overall Latin Airplay chart, bounding 10-4, having become Coronel’s third top 10 on the tally.

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