Gerardo Ortiz Earns 13th No. 1 on Billboard’s Regional Mexican Airplay Chart with “Ahí No Era”

It’s Lucky No. 13 for Gerardo Ortiz

The 34-year-old Mexican American Regional Mexican singer-songwriter has notched his 13th No. 1 on Billboard’s Regional Mexican Airplay chart as “Ahí No Era” advances 4-1 on the list dated February 17.

Gerardo OrtizAfter a week in the top 10, Ortiz’s single crowns the list following a robust 40% gain in audience impressions, to 7.5 million, earned in the U.S. in the tracking week ending Feb. 8, according to Luminate.

As “Ahí No Va” advances, it unseats Xavi’s “La Diabla” from the lead after one week in charge. The latter dips 1-2 with 6.7 million, that’s a 29% decline from the week prior.

With 13 No. 1s to his account, Ortiz still has the second-most among soloists, behind Christian Nodal’s 15 No. 1s. Among all acts, Calibre 50 has the most, with 24.

Here’s the list of the acts with the most No. 1s since the Regional Mexican Airplay chart launched in 1994:

24, Calibre 50
19, Banda MS de Sergio Lizarraga
18, Banda El Recodo de Cruz Lizarraga
18, Intocable
17, La Arrolladora Banda el Limon de Rene Camacho
16, Conjunto Primavera
16, Los Tigres del Norte
15, Christian Nodal
13, Gerardo Ortiz
12, La Adictiva Banda San Jose de Mesillas

As “Ahí No Era” lands at the summit, Ortiz becomes just the sixth soloist to rule Regional Mexican Airplay in the past year.

He joins Christian Nodal (“Un Cumbión Dolido” in June 2023), Alejandro Fernández (“No Es Que Me Quiera Ir” and “Difícil Tu Caso,” last August and November respectively), Carin León (“Indispensable,” last August-September), El Fantasma (“La Vida Cara,” last September), Eden Muñoz (“Como En Los Viejos Tiempos,” January 27-dated list), and Xavi (“La Diabla,” chart dated February 10).

Elsewhere, “Ahí No Era” pushes 14-4 on the overall Latin Airplay ranking, for Ortiz’ 17th top 10. The song becomes his highest peak since “Regresa Hermosa” reached an equal No. 4 high in 2016.

La Fiera de Ojinaga Earns Second No. 1 on Billboard’s Regional Mexican Airplay Chart with “Neta Que No”

La Fiera de Ojinaga has earned a second chart-topper…

The an up-and-coming Mexican Regional Musican band has scored its second career No. 1 on the Billboard Regional Mexican Airplay chart dated January 20 as its latest single, “Neta Que No,” rises from No. 2 to No. 1.

La Fiera de OjinagaThe group previously topped the chart with “La Luna de Miel” in 2022.

“Neta Que No” rules the chart after a 17% surge in radio airplay audience impressions, to 7.3 million earned in the U.S. in the January 5-11 tracking week, according to Luminate.

The track takes home the chart’s Greatest Gainer trophy, awarded to the song with the largest gain in audience impressions among the chart’s 40 titles.

The track succeeds Julión Álvarez y Su Norteño Banda’s “Buscandole A La Suerte,” which drops to No. 2 after one week at the helm.

“Neta Que No,” released August 11 via Azteca/Fonovisa/UMLE, was written by Cesar Morquecho and Eduardo Anguiano, and produced by Humberto Novoa and Mauricio Palma.

The single earns Azteca its fifth No. 1 at the format, after “La Luna de Miel” (2022) and three leaders by La Maquinaria Norteña: “50 y Cincuenta” (2022), “Eres Ese Algo” (2023) and “Te Quiero Ver” (2023).

La Fiera De Ojinaga has charted 16 songs at the Regional Mexican Airplay format. Of those, seven have reached the top 10. Here’s a recap, listed chronologically:

La Fiera de Ojinaga’s Top 10 Hits on Regional Mexican Airplay
“En Otro Canal,” No. 5 peak, 2020
“No Paras de Hacerme Feliz,” No. 2, 2022
“La Luna de Miel,” No. 1, 2022
“Beses A Quien Beses,” No. 6, 2022
“Maldita Soledad,” No. 7, 2023
“900 Cigarros,” No. 2, 2023
“Neta Que No,” No. 1, 2024

Elsewhere, “Neta Que No” rises 8-5 on the overall Latin Airplay list, reaching a new high. It ties the group’s “900 Cigarros” as its highest charting song on the ranking to date.

Banda Los Recoditos Notches Eighth No. 1 on Billboard’s Regional Mexican Airplay Chart with “Vas A Querer Volver”

It’s a great eighth for Banda Los Recoditos

The Regional Mexican band has added an eighth No. 1 to their ledger as “Vas A Querer Volver” jumps 2-1 on Billboard’s Regional Mexican Airplay chart dated January 6.

Banda Los Recoditos“It’s great news to start off the year this way,” Rafael Gónzalez and Santos de Jesús PérezJeyPi”, lead singers of Banda Los Recoditos tell Billboard. “Being No. 1 on a Billboard chart makes us happy and creates a stronger commitment to work on new music for our fans.”

“Vas a Querer Volver,” which entered the top 10 in its eighth chart week, at No. 8, ascends from the runner-up slot with a 3% increase in audience impressions, to 6.9 million, earned in the U.S. during the December 22-28 tracking week, according to Luminate.

The song ejects Grupo Frontera and Junior H’s “En Altavoz” from the lead and sends it to No. 9 with a 33% decrease, to 4.9 million impressions.

With “Vas a Querer Volver,” Banda Los Recoditos score their eighth champ, dating back to “Ando Bien Pedo,” their longest-charting ruler, with 12 weeks atop in 2010.

Here’s a review of the groups’ collections of No. 1s on the radio chart:

Peak, Title, Weeks at No. 1
Feb. 13, 2010, “Ando Bien Pedo,” 12
Dec. 28, 2013, “Mi Último Deseo, one
Nov. 1, 2014, “Hasta Que Salga El Sol,” one
April 14, 2018, “Tiempo,” five
July 13, 2019, “Perfecta,” three
April 23, 2022, “Me Siento A Todo Dar,” one
Oct. 15, 2022, “Fuerte No Soy,” one
Jan. 6, “Vas A Querer Volver”

Elsewhere, “Vas A Querer Volver” repeats Banda Los Recoditos’ last two top 10 entries on the overall Latin Airplay chart, jumping 8-7; “Me Siento a Todo Dar” and “Fuerte No Soy” also reached No. 7 high in 2022.

“We will be closer this 2024, with dates in Mexico, U.S. and Central America, performing new music,” Gónzalez and JeyPi add. “Thanks to our listeners, platforms, media, and our loyal followers.”

Maluma Makes Billboard Chart History as His Carin Leon-Collab “Según Quien” Tops Two Latin Charts

Maluma is back at the top of the charts… And, he’s making history in the process.

The 29-year-old Colombian singer and Carin Leon’s single “Según Quien” has advanced 3-1 to lead Billboard’s December 16-dated Latin Airplay chart.


The move gives Maluma his 24th champ, while León captures his second.

“Según Quien” crowns the all-genre airplay chart with a 50% gain in audience impressions, to 13.2 million, earned in the U.S. in the week ending December 7, according to Luminate.

The song is one of 24 tracks from Maluma’s Grammy-nominated Don Juan album, which debuted at No. 11 on the Top Latin Albums chart last September.

In addition to its first week at No. 1 on Latin Airplay, “Según Quien” also lands at the summit on Regional Mexican Airplay (rising 11-1) for its first week in charge, and gives León his fifth leader there. He previously reached No. 1 with the three-week champ “Indispensable,” his first ruler with no accompanying acts, last August. Maluma claims his second, after “Cada Quien” in 2022.

Notably, as the Maluma-León partnership takes over both tallies, Maluma becomes the first urban artist to lead the rankings simultaneously since Latin Airplay and Regional Mexican Airplay launched in 1994.

Only two other urban artists have reached the penthouse on Regional Mexican Airplay: Cazzu and Santa Fe Klan, through their equally billed collab “Tú y Tú,” with Los Ángeles Azules, in May; the song peaked at No. 5 on Latin Airplay during the same period.

Further, “Según Quien” becomes the fifth champ by two co-billed male soloists on Latin Airplay out of the 33 No. 1s in 2023. They include:

Artists, Title, Peak Date, Weeks at No. 1
Marshmello & Manuel Turizo, “El Merengue,” June 10, one
Yng Lvcas & Peso Pluma, “La Bebe,” July 15, one
Feid & Sean Paul, “Niña Bonita,” Aug. 19, one
Ozuna & Amarion, “Tucu,” Sept. 9, one
Maluma & Carin León, “Según Quien,” Dec. 19

Gerardo Coronel Earns First Solo No. 1 on Billboard’s Regional Mexican Airplay Chart with “Se Buscan Borrachos”

Gerardo Coronel has scored his first solo No. 1. 

The 27-year-old Mexican singer-songwriter, known as “El Jerry,” crosses has earned his first No. 1 without any other acts on Billboard’s Regional Mexican Airplay chart as “Se Buscan Borrachos” ascends to the top of the December 2-dated ranking.

Gerardo Coronel,Coronel’s second No. 1 overall takes the lead with 8.7 million audience impressions in the U.S. Nov. 17-23, according to Luminate.

The song is a “journey alongside my great team,” Coronel tells Billboard. “It invites us all to get drunk, cure the hangover and become an expert at the subject, because if we were looking for drunks, it was to make them sing about what’s coming next year!”

“Se Buscan Borrachos” was composed by Salvador Aponte and Meño Segovia and appears on Coronel’s album CHSM el Hígado!

The track arrives at the Regional Mexican Airplay summit after Coronel notched his first leader on any Billboard chart with “Que Onda Perdida,” with Grupo Firme, for three weeks in July.

The Regional Mexican corrido singer-songwriter has since debuted two other tracks on the ranking: “Alguien De Aquí,” with Nathan Galante, up to No. 19 on the latest list, and “Al Menos Indicado,” with Cuisillos, concurrently new at No. 40.

Further, Coronel claims the sixth Regional Mexican Airplay No. 1 of 2023 by a soloist with no billed collaborators. Seven such songs led in 2022, after four did in 2021 and three reigned in 2020, with the genre largely the domain of groups historically.

Here’s the list of such leaders this year:

Artist, Title, Date Song Reached No. 1:
Gerardo Coronel “El Jerry,” “Se Buscan Borrachos,” Dec. 2, 2023
Alejandro Fernández, “Difícil Tu Caso,” Nov. 18, 2023
El Fantasma, “La Vida Cara,” Sept. 9, 2023
Carin León, “Indispensable,” Aug. 19, 2023
Alejandro Fernández, “No Es Que Me Quiera Ir,” Aug. 5, 2023
Christian Nodal, “Un Cumbión Dolido,” June 3, 2023

Beyond its Regional Mexican Airplay coronation, “Se Buscan Borrachos” makes progress on the overall Latin Airplay chart, bounding 10-4, having become Coronel’s third top 10 on the tally.

Jasiel Nuñez Earns First No. 1 on Any Billboard Chart with Peso Pluma & Junior H Collab “Bipolar”

Jasiel Nuñez is celebrating a special first

The Mexican singer-songwriter has earned his first No. 1 on any Billboard chart with “Bipolar,” featuring Peso Pluma and Junior H, as the song crowns the Regional Mexican Airplay chart dated November 25.

Jasiel Nunez, Peso Pluma, Junior H, BipolarThe song’s radio uptick across Regional Mexican stations pushes it from No. 11 to No. 1 with 6.7 million audience impressions in the U.S., up 61%, earned during the November 10-16 tracking week, according to Luminate.

Among the strongest weekly supporters, stations WOJO (Chicago), KLNO (Dallas) and KLTN (Houston) take the lead.

“Bipolar” previously took Nuñez to his first top 10, among three chart performances, on the multimetric Hot Latin Songs, when it debuted at No. 7 last September.

For Junior H, “Bipolar” also makes for a fruitful team-up, as it becomes his first No. 1 on Regional Mexican Airplay.

Peso Pluma, meanwhile, picks up his second No. 1 on the Mexican radio tally, after the four-week champ “Ella Baila Sola,” with Eslabon Armado, which closes 2023 as the No. 1 song on the year-end Hot Latin Songs chart.

Further, Nuñez joins seven other acts who have scored their first No. 1 on Regional Mexican Airplay in 2023. Here are the new winners:

Artist, Title, Collaborator, Peak Date
Grupo Frontera, “Que Vuelvas,” with Carin Leon, Jan. 28
Fuerza Regida, “Bebe Dame,” with Grupo Frontera, March 18
Grupo Marca Registrada, “Di Que Sí,” with Grupo Frontera, April 29
Cazzu, “Tú y Tú,” with Los Angeles Azules & Santa Fe Klan, May 20
Santa Fe Klan, “Tú y Tú,” with Los Angeles Azules & Cazzu, May 20
Yahritza y Su Esencia’s “Frágil,” with Grupo Frontera, Aug. 12
Maná, “Amor Clandestino,” with Edén Muñoz, Nov. 11
Jasiel Núñez, “Bipolar,” Peso Pluma & Junior H, Nov. 25

Alejandro Fernández Earns Seventh No. 1 on Billboard’s Regional Mexican Airplay Chart with “Difícil Tu Caso”

Alejandro Fernández’s difficulties are paying off…

The 52-year-old Mexican singer has earned his seventh No. 1 on Billboard’s Regional Mexican Airplay chart as “Difícil Tu Caso” advances from No. 3 to lead the November 18-dated ranking.

Alejandro FernándezThe ranchera ballad checks into the penthouse as the Greatest Gainer for the week with a 28% boost in audience impressions, to 7.85 million, earned in the U.S. in the week ending November 9, according to Luminate.

“Dificil Tu Caso” unseats Maná and Eden Muñoz’s “Amor Clandestino,” after the song’s one week in command. It drops 1-5 with 4.8 million impressions, down 28%.

“Difícil Tu Caso,” composed by Edgar Barrera, Luis Mejía and Iván Gámez, grants Fernández his seventh champ, the second-most for a male soloist in the 2020s decade. The song was released September 1 and hits No. 1 on Regional Mexican Airplay in its 10th week.

Here’s the list of all artists with the most champs on Regional Mexican Airplay this decade where Calibre 50 paces the race:

10, Calibre 50
9, Grupo Firme
8, Banda MS de Sergio Lizárraga
8, Christian Nodal
7, Alejandro Fernández
5, Grupo Frontera

“Difícil Tu Caso” follows one other No. 1 in 2023, “No Es Que Me Quiera,” which likely topped Regional Mexican Airplay for one week in August. Here are all of Fernández’s No. 1s since his first in 2020:

Peak, Title, Artist, Weeks at No. 1
Jan. 11, 2020, “Caballero,” 1
April 25, 2020, “Te Olvidá,” 2
Oct. 24, 2020, “Decepciones,” with Calibre 50, 1
April 24, 2021, “Duele,” with Christian Nodal, 1
Sept. 17, 2022, “Nunca Dudes En Llamarme,” with La Arrolladora Banda El Limón De Rene Camacho, 1
Aug. 5, 2023, “No Es Que Me Quiera Ir,” 1
Nov. 18, 2023, “Difícil Tu Caso,” 1

“Difícil” also continues its successful rise on the all-Latin genre Latin Airplay tally, with a 9-5 jump, its second week in the top 10.

Calibre 50 Extends Record for Most No. 1s on Billboard’s Regional Mexican Airplay Chart with “Vengo de Verla”

Calibre 50 is extending its lead…

The Regional Mexican band has extended its record for the most No. 1s on Billboard’s Regional Mexican Airplay chart as “Vengo de Verla” crowns the tally dated November 4.

Calibre 50In its 10th week, the single advances from No. 5 with 7.8 million audience impressions, up 19%, earned during the tracking week ending October 26, according to Luminate.

It sends Grupo Frontera and Grupo Firme’s “El Amor de Su Vida” to No. 2 with a 12% drop, to 7.63 million.

With its new champ, Calibre 50 improves its career total on Regional Mexican Airplay to 24 No. 1s.

The group remains atop the leaderboard for the most No. 1s among all acts since the chart’s inception in 1994, opening an even larger gap ahead of its competitors.

Here’s a look at the artists with the most chart-toppers on Regional Mexican Airplay:

24, Calibre 50
19, Banda MS de Sergio Lizárraga
18, Banda El Recodo de Cruz Lizárraga
18, Intocable
17, La Arrolladora Banda el Limón de Rene Camacho
16, Conjunto Primavera
16, Los Tigres del Norte

“Vengo de Verla” arrives at the summit after Calibre 50 led with “Dirección Equivocada” for two weeks in April. The song required an equal 10 weeks to lead.

In between, the group reached a No. 18 high with “Hablar de Ti” (July 15-dated list).

Further, “Vengo de Verla” climbs to a new peak on the overall Latin Airplay chart, pushing 12-7. There, the Mazatlán, Sinaloa, band collects its 27th top 10, cementing a new record for the most top 10s among any regional Mexican group.

Karol G Earns 16th No. 1 on Billboard’s Latin Airplay Chart with “Mi Ex Tenía Razón”

Karol G is celebrating her sweet sixteen

The 32-year-old Colombian singer has earned her 16th No. 1 on Billboard’Latin Airplay chart with “Mi Ex Tenía Razón,” which rises 3-1 in its seventh chart week to lead the October 7-dated ranking.

Karol G“Mi Ex Tenía Razón” was released on August 11 as part of Karol G’s Mañana Será Bonito (Bichota Season), which took her to No. 1 on Top Latin Albums (August 26-dated list).

The track arrives at the summit on the overall Latin Airplay after it earned 9.8 million audience impressions in the U.S. in the week ending September 28, according to Luminate, a 16% gain from the week prior.

It ejects Chencho Corleone’s “Un Cigarrillo” from the lead and sends it to No. 9, after one week in charge (6.41million in audience, down 28%)

With the new leader, Karol G becomes the first woman to achieve a No. 1 as a soloist, unaccompanied by any other act, in 2023. The last woman to do so was Rosalía, who accomplished the feat through “Despechá” in October 2022.

In total, among Karol G’s 16 No. 1s, she’s led the Latin Airplay chart five times, unaccompanied by another act. Her first leader overall was “Mi Cama,” with J Balvin, featuring Nicky Jam, in 2018.

Prior to “Mi Ex Tenia Razón,” “Provenza” became Karol G’s last totally solo ruler, for one week in charge in July 2022. In between, “TQG,” a collaboration with Shakira, spent two weeks at No. 1.

The new peak of “Mi Ex Tenia Razón” on Latin Airplay, arrives after its one-week coronation on Hot Latin Songs (August 26-dated list), where it dips 5-6 on the current chart with a 7% decrease in streams, to 7.56 million, and an 18% fall in sales during the same period.

Beyond its Latin Airplay coronation, “Mi Ex Tenia Razón” also pushes up Regional Mexican Airplay, climbing 39-23. The song earned Karol G a first entry on the chart when it debuted at No. 39 (September 30-dated list).

Edwin Luna y La Trakalosa de Monterrey Earns Fourth No. 1 on Billboard’s Regional Mexican Airplay Chart with “No Se Vale”

Edwin Luna y La Trakalosa de Monterrey is celebrating its latest chart-topper.

The 18-piece Mexican band has captured its fourth champ on Billboard’s Regional Mexican Airplay chart with “No Se Vale.”

in Luna y La Trakalosa de MonterreyThe group’s latest single rises 3-1 to lead the chart dated September 16.

“No Se Vale” crowns Regional Mexican Airplay in its 10th week with 6.37 million audience impressions. That’s less than a 1% gain from the week prior, earned in the U.S. in the week ending September 7, according to Luminate.

“No Se Vale” gives Edwin Luna and La Trakalosa their fourth No. 1 and first in almost two years, after the two-week coronation of “Saludos a Mi Ex” in March 2021.

The group achieved its first Regional Mexican Airplay ruler through “Dormida” which dominated for three weeks in 2020. In total, Luna and La Trakalosa have placed nine top 10 entries dating back to 2017 when “Aplauso” reached its No. 4 high.

Beyond the new Regional Mexican Airplay No. 1, “No Se Vale” holds at No. 10 (its peak) on the overall Latin Airplay chart for a second week.